Der Überschreiter, Robert Indermaur


We aim for stability and continuity, and seek to maintain our values:

Commitment, responsibility, Independence


The foundation for the success of BBT TREUHAND AG was laid in 1992.

We still remain loyal to our fundamental values. This is what enables us to respond positively to change as a constant fact of life.


BBT TREUHAND AG stands for a personal network of relationships.

We feel a personal association with our clients and their concerns.

It is our joint experience that counts.

In contrast to the short-lived, hectic and aggressive character which is now typical, we adopt a long-term approach based on person-to-person relationships.

We are reliable because we combine trust and tradition with modern organisational structures and technologies.


BBT TREUHAND AG and its associated organisations enjoy total financial independence, which enables us to concentrate entirely on our clients’ objectives.